our services

what we do

West London Birding offers a comprehensive range of ornithological surveys for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

We use a range of scientifically-proven, standardised methodologies tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our services include...

breeding bird surveys
wintering bird surveys
Wetland bird surveys
coastal and estuarine bird surveys
Schedule 1 species monitoring
nest-box siting and monitoring
on-shore collision
Risk monitoring


Demographic monitoring using marked-resighting methods
Nocturnal and Diurnal acoustic monitoring


bird ringing demonstrations



avian Disturbance monitoring
Walks and training on bird identification
Talks and Lectures

Timings of bird surveys

Non-Ornithological Survey Work

As well as providing bird-related work we are able to provide a full suite of ecological surveys, often in collaboration with other local consultancies.   

These include: