West London Birding is also involved with a number of national scientific projects, Details of these and further information about them can be found found below. 

Further information from these projects will be publicised on the ‘Snippets‘ tab and through our social media. 

UK & ireland COOT STUDY

West London Birding is contributing to a national colour-ringing study on Eurasian Coot.

More details about this project can be found here

Colour-ringed Gull projects

We have also started colour ringing Black-headed Gulls in the Central London Royal Parks. Our rings are orange with a four alphanumeric code starting with 2V or 2X.  Please report any colour-ringed gulls you see to us via our Contact form on this website, e-mail or through the BTO Report a ringed bird link


We have a project running at the WWT London Wetland Centre where we are colour-ringing Common Moorhen to look at distribution around the Site and movements of this common but sometimes skulking species. 

So far one of our birds has moved up to Enfield.



West London Birding has been monitoring the nesting success of the artificial Sand Martin Nest Bank at the WWT London Wetland Centre since 2013. 

We also ring the pulli. To date we have ringed over 1,500 chicks with birds being recaptured in France and elsewhere in the UK. 


Bill runs a Constant Effort Site (CES) and undertakes regular mist netting around central and west London.

This includes a collaboration with ZSL whereby he takes out student from their Masters courses for introductory ringing sessions.  

Report a Ringed Bird

If you find a ringed bird or observe a colour-ringed bird you can report it via the button below: