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West London Birding - FAQ

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please Contact Us.

Alternatively, further information is available on the Trip information page of this website.


    Q: Do you pick us up from where we are staying or do we have to meet you somewhere?

    A: The service includes picking up all clients from their hotel or the airport that they arrive at in the UK and taking them back to their lodgings/airport for connecting flight at the end of the trip. However, if you only want to visit sites in Central London, a meeting place and time can be pre-arranged and the tour can be done by public transport (see Green Trips).

    Q: What time do you start in the morning?

    A: This obviously depends on the time of year. Generally we pick up between 6 & 7 am, especially if the sites we are going to are a bit of a drive. However, this is very much up to the client and a later (or     earlier!) start can be accommodated.

    Q: Do you require a deposit prior to my trip?

    A: No. West London Birding does not require a deposit prior to your trip. However, if there are overnight stays included in your trip, West London Birding will book suitable hotels in advance. We will of course discuss any bookings and consult with you as to whether the price is acceptable prior to making any such reservations. Any booking fees or non-refundable deposits will be initially paid by West London Birding, but these will be added to your invoice at the end of your trip. Should you have to cancel your trip, and such deposits have been pre-paid by West London Birding, West London Birding reserves the right to charge the client.

    Q: What if the weather is bad?

    A: If the weather turns nasty while we are out on a trip, unfortunately there is nothing much we can do but sit it out or go to another site nearby that may afford some protection (either through natural foliage or viewing hides). Fortunately this does not happen that often.  If the weather forecast is looking bad prior to your trip there are a number of possible alternatives:

    1) Should you be able to, you may want to change the date of your trip. This will always be your decision, but we may suggest changing it to an adjacent day or a day in the future that is suitable for you.

    2) We can suggest an alternative itinerary depending on the forecast to an area where there is less likely to be poor weather. However if the forecast is bad over a large part of southern England, this may not always be possible.                                                                                 

    3) The trip will go ahead, but as birds do not generally like poor weather any more than the rest of us, it will invariably result in a lower species list than if the weather had been better.

    Should you not be able to postpone your trip (e.g. you are in transit to another destination and only have that one day to bird in the UK), we will endeavour to change itinerary to sites with shelter wherever possible. However, this may affect the types of bird we see and we may not be able to go after specific species.  The types of weather that would force us to cancel or suggest that you postpone a trip would include heavy snowfalls (we do not want to risk your or our safety through avoidable road accidents), very strong hurricane force winds, or prolonged heavy rain that is forecast throughout your day. We want you to have an enjoyable day as possible with West London Birding  and to see as many birds species / target species as possible. Therefore, we would rather your day wasn’t spoiled by poor weather. We will contact you should there be a question mark over the trip going  ahead due to bad weather and discuss the options with you, but should you be in any doubt, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us prior to your trip.   

    Q: Do you run any “Green” Trips?

    A: Generally, the sites that we visit are varying distances out of London so are not suited for travelling to by Public Transport. However, some of the Central London sites are easily accessible through the Underground and bus networks. Such sites include the Central London Parks (e.g Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens) and the WWT London Wetland Centre. Should you specifically require a “green” trip, please request one and we will come up with a suitable day or 1/2 day trip for you. There may also be a discount for such trips, though the sites that can be visited are limited.

    Q: Do you accept Credit or Debit Cards?

    A: Sadly, West London Birding does not currently have a facility for accepting or processing credit cards. The preferred method of payment is cash, payable on the day and we are quite happy to make a slight detour should you require a bank or ATM machine. In extreme circumstances we may accept cheques, but this method of payment may potentially result in exchange costs for either party in any other currency than Pounds Sterling.    

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